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Fido's Closasole Wormer for Dogs & Cats

Fido's Closasole Wormer for Dogs & Cats (Guaranteed Best Price)
Fido's Closasole Wormer for Dogs & Cats


  • An economical and broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats. These worms affect the appearance, vitality and performance of dogs and cats.

    Addresses: Roundworm (Toxocara & Toxascaris sp.), Hookworm (Uncinaria and Ancylostoma sp.), Tapeworm (Dipylidium and Taenia sp.), in dogs and cats.

    Does not address: Hydatid Tapeworm or Whipworm

  • Administer with light meal or crushed in food. Adult dogs and cats: 1 tablet / 22lbs (10kg) bodyweight once. Repeat every three months if necessary throughout life.

    Bitches and Queens: 1 tablet /22lbs (10kg) bodyweight, two treatments at an interval of 14 days during gestation and lactation.

    No fasting is required prior to treatment. Use in combination with praziquantel wormer where hydatid tapeworm is an issue. Does not address whipworm.

  • Discontinue use if unsteady gait or depressed appetite occurs after administration. Use with caution in debilitated animals and animals with reduced hepatic function. To prevent vomiting, administer with food and divide the dose.

  • Per Tablet: Levamisole 42.2mg / Niclosamide 1000mg

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