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F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer Refill

F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer Refill (Guaranteed Best Price)
F.O.N. Feline Odor Neutralizer Refill


  • F.O.N. Spray stops odors in litter boxes; does not mask them. Removes urine & fecal stains on rugs & furniture, works on Tomcat spray. Breaks down urine and fecal matter, eliminating the cause of the odor. Safe, bio-degradable. Spray directly on stained areas, blot with paper towel after 3-5 minutes. Safe for color-fast materials, will not stain. Use daily in litter boxes. Contains SL-25. Use of ammonia or vinegar prior to using FON will greatly diminish FONs ability to work.

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